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How I Did It: Creating a Personal Style Guide

July 20, 2018

I remember going clothes shopping over a decade ago, with a very picky and style-oriented friend, and they ran around the store, picking up tops and scarves and holding them up to my face. As I tried clothes on, they evaluated the drape of …

Culture Self

Hey Jillian Around the Internet: A Round Up

July 19, 2018

I know, I know, two round up posts in one week. That wasn’t the plan, I spent the day in urgent care dealing with some weird health issues, but I didn’t want to let that stop me from publishing my post for today. I …

Culture Self

We’re on the Road to Nowhere

July 17, 2018

Often when I’ve got something on my mind, I get writer’s block until I just write about it. So here we are. As I’ve been working through my July challenge to publish a blog post every weekday, I’ve been thinking a lot about what …

Health & Self Care Kids Loves

5 Real Life Postpartum Must Haves

July 6, 2018

We had a better than average baby shower, but even still, very little we received that day prepared us for those first few weeks at home with our new baby. It was the whispered wisdom of those brave women who had gone before me …