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Healing Power of Earworms: Kids Music Positive Messages Mixtape

December 1, 2017

Healing Power of Earworms: Kids Music Positive Messages Mixtape

As a quick follow up to yesterday’s post about my current struggles, I wanted to share one of the best and most surprising tools I have in my survival toolbelt. If you’re a parent of a young child, there’s a strong chance you may have already experienced it. The positive messages in the kid’s songs my son loves have wormed their way into my inner monologue. When I find myself feeling a huge wave of self doubt, my brain will fill in, of it’s own accord:

“What if it’s all a big mistake? What if It’s more than I can take?
No I can’t think that way! ’cause I know that, I’m really really gonna be okay

” Thanks Trolls. Or if I’m really struggling at a particular task, Bruno Mars cheery refrain turns on in my head, against my will:

“When you wanna do something that’s new. And it seems really, really hard to do. You feel like quitting, you feel you’re through. Well I have some advice for you Don’t give up, keep on trying,
Y’all gonna make it (ah yeah) don’t give up.”

And when I’m doubting my ability to move forward with my goals, scolding myself for prior choices, more and more often, I am finding myself having my own inspirational Disney moment as Moana sings in my head;

“I’ve delivered us to where we are I have journeyed farther I am everything I’ve learned and more
Still it calls me
And the call isn’t out there at all
It’s inside me It’s like the tide Always falling and rising”

There’s more, and in case these songs can worm their way into your daily inner messages too, I made a little playlist for you of kids songsthat seem to play in my head when I most need them, buoying my spirits and redirecting me to the positive. If you have kids, enjoy it with them, but really, I think these are here for anyone. Do you have any more you would add?

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