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How Our Minimalist Toddler Room Came Together in a Morning

October 30, 2017

How Our Minimalist Toddler Room Came Together in a Morning

To date, the most popular post on Hey Jillian has been my transformation of our tiny guest room into a minimalist haven for my husband and I. For myriad reasons, it’s time for rooms to shuffle again, and this little room has taken on yet another sweet minimalist incarnation as my son’s bedroom. He had been in the largest bedroom in our, and honestly the main impetus for that choice was the rainbow bladed ceiling fan that was in there when we bought the house. After touring a Waldorf school, about a year ago I was inspired to paint my son’s room in a lazure inspired sunset ombre sort of treatment, and it was incredibly soothing and perfect for his 10 month old self who was just starting to sleep in his own room.

Now as a year has passed, and he’s a busy toddler, it makes sense to have him in the bedroom off the kitchen so he can play independently in his room and keep an eye on the grown ups, and through the winter this room stays much warmer than the back bedroom, which we spent a fortune heating with an electric space heater last year. We are in the process of getting quotes for new central heat, but in the meantime, it’s better to have the toddler who doesn’t sleep with blankets in the warmest bedroom. So, that brings us up to yesterday. After spending the early part of last week cleaning out all of our closets, and purging unneeded things, it was actually a relatively quick process to move our stuff out of the room and move my son’s things in. The biggest hurdle was coming up with toddler safe lighting in a room with no overhead light. As we were sitting in the living room pondering this question, my eyes landed on the sensory play box my dad had made for my son as a 1st birthday present that up until yesterday been mounted in the living room. The box was made to mount over an outlet, and has a light switch that switches an edison bulb in a safety cage on the top of the box. Perfect for an independent toddler. My dad came over and helped us relocate the box, which I think looks like it was made for the wood panelled wainscoting and chair rail I put up as our headboard in the last iteration of the room. We were done with the whole switch before morning nap, and he fell asleep in two minutes flat, which tells me this was a good move.

I love the simple wood and white decor with the pops of color in his bedding, curtains and art, and his custom felt ball and driftwood mobile from Petits Cadeaux. My dad built his Montessori inspired wooden toddler floor bed frame, which I hope he will get a few more years of use out of.
Now on to the next task: Turning my son’s former room with rainbow ceiling fan and sunset ombre walls into a restful, romantic, grown-up retreat of a master bedroom. Come visit Hey Jillian on Facebook, and help me choose a paint color!
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