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Fall and Winter Babywearing Products I Can’t Wait to Try

September 7, 2017

Fall and Winter Babywearing Products I Can’t Wait to Try

This post is part of an on-going series on babywearing; check out my babywearing style Facebook page Pleats and Seats; Babywear with Flair!

After a cozy winter of hiding our soft structured carrier under a babywearing coat, I wasn’t looking forward to going back to summer babywearing, which I remembered as sweaty and miserable. Lo and behold, I have happily waltzed my way carrying my toddler through the hot summer thanks to linen wraps that I didn’t have any idea were even an option last year.

As my son grows and I dive deeper into the babywearing world, I am always finding new options that are even more perfect than what I have tried before. In the spirit of discovery, here are a few things I am looking forward to trying, (or would love to buy should funds magically appear) when it comes to fall and winter babywearing!

Soul Handwoven Wrap in Fennel
I have this beautiful mustard and green wrap winging it’s way to me now from sunny India! My first new carrier since becoming a Soul brand ambassador, this Fennel woven wrap is going to be absolutely stunning for fall. Like all of Soul’s handwoven wraps, it is 100% cotton and woven by small scale artisans and weavers who are fairly paid and treated well by the company.
I think this wrap is going to be perfect for fall because it has the coziness of a handwoven, with the breathable qualities of all of Soul’s products. I really dislike any kind of synthetic fabric for winter babywearing, because when you are sharing body heat with your child, even in below zero weather, you heat up fast and can get sweaty. Breathability is key! Like the model, I am currently sporting bright red hair, which made this colorway a no brainer for me, but this wrap comes in a blue and red colorway called Sumac, and a soon to be announced red and yellow one that looks absolutely amazing for fall.

Naked Panda Tot Full Buckle
I have struggled to find a soft structured carrier that works well for me. I have hypermobile joints that injure easily, and I have come to love wrapping because of how I can control exactly where the weight is distributed. That being said, I am a little nervous about wrapping on the go through the winter, especially in slushy parking lots.
Last spring we borrowed a Lenny Lamb soft structured carrier, and I found the waistband very supportive and the wrap conversion super cushy, but at this point the baby size fits but doesn’t come up as high as I would like on my little guy’s back. Cue the Naked Panda Tot Full Buckle Carrier! Smaller than a toddler full buckle, but bigger than a baby size, this should be perfect for my lanky almost two year old. Sometime this fall/winter a traveling one should make it’s way to me, and I am so excited to try it, I have heard wonderful things about this small, family-owned company. They promise “cushy shoulders & cushy waist, nothing firm and always cushy just like the day you bought it; lightweight & moldable” and that sounds like a dream come true to me!

Bijou Wear Arcadia Sage Wrap
While thinner wraps have been wonderful for learning to wrap, I feel like I am ready to try and wrestle something fluffy, cushy and grippy. ThisBijou Wear Arcadia Sage Wrap looks like an absolute dream to me. The weave itself looks like it has trapped little puffy pockets of air. From the website: “When you want ultimate cush, clouds on your shoulders, gauzy layers of cotton, you want Arcadia. Arcadia Sage weaves thin layers of cloth together with green and cream yarns to create an amazingly comfortable baby carrier with dramatic texture.” Sign me up! Hoping to find someone who wants to send their wrap out visiting, or this might be at the top of my holiday wish list. I am imagining long walks along Lake Champlain on grey windy days, all bundled up with my toddler in this fluffy cloud.

This Stylish DIY Babywearing Coat
I don’t really love any of the commercially available (affordable at least) babywearing coats that can accommodate back carries. I have the Lenny Lamb babywearing fleece jacket, and while it is super stylish looking, it is extremely difficult to put on while back wearing, even with help. I plan to use it for walks with the tiny baby I watch in the afternoons and still wear in front carries, but I really want an option for exploring with my toddler that keeps us wrapped up in the same coat.
I know my way around a sewing machine and this DIY tutorial from The Lazy Seamstress looks practically perfect in every way. The native peoples of Canada have a traditional babywearing coat most commonly called an Amauti that looks heavenly, but it looks much harder to sew, and I can’t afford to buy one from those communities. You should read about them though, it’s really the pinnacle of cold weather babywearing!
For tons more information about cold weather babywearing, check out this great blog post from Babywearing International of Greater BurlingtonDo you plan on babywearing this through the fall and winter? What would you like to try, or do you already have tried and true favorites? I have heard a ton of people love Soul’s jacquard meh dai’s for cold weather wearing, maybe I will have to add that to my list of carriers to try to borrow! Love this? Pin it!

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