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Review: Soul Linen Wrap Turned My Summer Fling With Wrapping Into True Love – Updated with New Colorways!

September 1, 2017

Review: Soul Linen Wrap Turned My Summer Fling With Wrapping Into True Love – Updated with New Colorways!

Officially, I have been wrapping for just over a year. I attended my first wrapping workshop through my local chapter of Babywearing International (BWI) when my son was six months old. It seemed like a novelty to me, and I really didn’t understand why anyone would choose an impossibly long piece of cloth over a buckle carrier. I borrowed wraps from our BWI lending library a few times over the next year, I even sewed my own DIY wraps, but despite my best efforts, much like yoga, it never really clicked as something that was for me.
When a travelling wrap from Soul was offered to me to test out for a few weeks, I said yes, mostly because I am a person who says yes to trying things (that aren’t hazardous, or sports, or olives.) A month later my YouTube history is a jumble of Tandem Trouble and Wrap You In Love tutorials, and my phone photo album is full of this beautiful bright yellow wrap. We have worn it nearly everyday we have had it. and that is something I never thought would happen with a wrap for myself and my wriggly tiny companion.
Soul is based in India, and they obviously know a thing or two about hot weather babywearing. This linen is really the ultimate summer wrap. I walked over a mile with a 23.5lbs child on my back multiple times in this wrap in 85°F+ weather, which is something I would pretty much never have done in any carrier before this. (For a great overview of hot weather babywearing guidelines and tips, check this out.) The super thin and breathable linen not only makes this wrap great for warm weather, it’s what changed the game for me and finally turned me onto wrapping. Why? Three reasons:
1) This wrap is incredibly light and portable. I had it in my base size +1, and it easily rolled up small enough to fit in my bag along with all of my usual toddler gear. Part of what had kept me from getting into wrapping was the cumbersome dragging around tons of heavy material. 2) The glide and ease of wrapping with the thin fabric, combined with the stability of a really strong weave.
I had no problems tightening, shifting, and sliding this wrap in a ton of new-to-me carries, but unlike a wrap with more stretch or bounce to it, it held my wiggly toddler with a truly sturdy stability that put my mind at ease. I was even able to conquer a double hammock; a babywearing basic for experienced wrappers, but a carry that had left me frustrated and near tears on all previous attempts.
3) As you may have gathered from other areas of my site, I love style and fashion. This wrap is so thin and easily condensed, and the “wrong” side of it gives it such a charming creamsicle look, that you can create the most beautiful fancy finishes with it that could look bulky or awkward with a lot of other wraps. The allure of all the pretty options definitely was part of what kept me picking this up day after day. I have already reserved it from our BWI lending library in another colorway for August so I can elegantly and comfortably babywear at an upcoming wedding, when my babe gets too tired on the dance floor.

This wrap comes in four beautiful colors, but I will admit, I am holding out for a fifth before I buy one for myself. Soul makes their linen ring slings and onbuhimos in the understated but beautiful chambray-look Anchor colorway, and I will hold off as long as I can buying a linen wrap in hopes they will come out with it in wrap form as well. The oorangey-yellowof Goldfinch reminds me of a mango, and is totally gorgeous, but if I am going to invest in a wrap I want a little bit more of a neutral. UPDATE: Since I originally wrote this Soul has come out with three new linen wrap colorways, including the gorgeously neutral Raven and Sparrow. I plan on getting a short wrap in Sparrow in the coming months for the ultimately portable wrap!

That being said, it is an unbelievably photogenic wrap, so without further ado, here are my favorite photos from my month with Goldfinch:

Since borrowing Goldfinch, I also got the chance to try out Starling, and it’s just as lovely:

If you are looking for a wrap to get you into wrapping, this is the ticket. I am convinced this is the ultimate beginner’s wrap, but I also see many experienced babywearers both online and in person loving it as much as I do. In addition to everything I mentioned above, the price point is incredibly affordable compared to the majority of woven wraps. This wrap taught me to appreciate the elegance and versatility of wrapping.

I have practically endless options, and with just a few minutes of work I can have a custom sized and configured carrier that does exactly what my toddler and I need in that moment. I look forward to expanding my horizons even more now that I am sure taking the time to learn how to wrap is worth it for us, especially now that my son is getting bigger, and the many supportive carries and finishes out there can help us keep babywearing comfortably for years to come.

*I was provided this wrap for a limited time free of charge, but the opinions are my own, and I was not otherwise compensated for this review. Since the time of writing this review, I have joined the Soul Brand Ambassdors program, Soul Mates*

I love trying new things and telling people all about them! If you have a product, babywearing or otherwise, that you’d be interested in having me try out and review, check out how to Work With Jillian.

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