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Introducing the 5 Day Self Care Kickstart (Self Care 101)

August 9, 2017

Introducing the 5 Day Self Care Kickstart (Self Care 101)


  • : to start (a motorcycle) by pushing down on a lever with your foot

  • : to cause (something) to start quickly

  • : to give new energy to (something) 

For quite a while I’ve been wanting to dive deeper and bring you some meatier content that you can really use in your life. I did a poll on Hey Jillian’s Facebook, asking what kind of content would be helpful in your life right now. Well, the maximum number of you allowed by the survey tool answered, and you let me know loud and clear that you want more in depth resources related to self-care and mental health (and a lot of you also want meal planning help, but that’s for another day.)  I knew whatever I brought you, I wanted it to be accessible to any Hey Jillian reader. I have a lot of friends with chronic illnesses like Lyme Disease, Chronic Fatigue, and Lupus. I have friends whose mobility is limited by disability. I have friends, who like myself, have mental health issues like depression. I have friends who work overtime at exhausting food service and social work jobs who don’t get weekends off. I wanted this self care resource to be accessible for all of them and many more.

So often self care feels like just another thing you’re not getting done when you’re struggling in life and you don’t have enough spoons to even meet your basic daily needs. I want to help hand you back some spoons throughout the day. I designed my 5 Day Self Care Kickstart to be super do-able and straightforward. There’s one small assignment per day, which shouldn’t take more than 5-10 minutes, none of them should cost you any money, and you don’t even necessarily have to stand up for any of them. There’s a little bit of cardio on one of the days, but it can be done sitting, and if you need to skip it that’s totally fine. This isn’t something you have to do on a timeline. It’s not something you have to report back to a group about. It’s just a little hand holding to get you acting like a good friend to yourself when you’re not used to doing these kinds of little things for yourself.

As a special treat, I worked with my friend Patrick McAndrew to create a brief restorative breathing video exclusively available as part of the kickstart. Patrick has been teaching practical movement and sound to reduce pain and stress for over 20 years.
“Patrick McAndrew’s bright spirit and amazing voice move me beyond words.” – C.C. White, Soul Kirtan

So all this being said, here’s the link. I am so excited to share this with you, and I hope even if you think self care isn’t for you, you’ll sign up to get the kickstart and just see what #reallifeselfcare is all about.

If you’re as excited about this as I am, I would be honored if you would share on your favorite social media platform, whether Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or LinkedIn (is Linkedin anyone’s favorite social media?) with the hashtag #reallifeselfcare .

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