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A little note from me about the new site

June 7, 2017

A little note from me about the new site

I’ve been talking about building my new site, and all the work that is going into it, but I imagine some of you might be thinking “Uhhhh, why? This one seems fine.” So, I wanna take a second and talk about that with you.

I started Rhythm of the Days in the depths of winter, in the midst of depression, and feeling very isolated in my work as a mother and homemaker. The blog was a way for me to reach out and connect on my own terms, in a way I could make work for me and I felt like I had energy for. The name was inspired by my parenting whim of that moment, Steiner/Waldorf philosophy and education. While I still crave connection, and I still love and appreciate many aspects of Waldorf inspired life, as I started to pull out of the fog of my depression I realized I needed to start looking ahead to the not that far away future when my son would start preschool, and my transition out of being a full time stay at home mom would begin. I wanted a site that reflected my many facets, not just my life as a homemaker and mom. I needed a site that could grow with me, and was true to the compassionate, creative, practical, and fun woman I know I am when I can turn down the volume on my inner critic and really let myself be me.

I have received so much amazing help from my friends while working on this new endeavor, especially Heidi of Conant Consulting, Erin Auer of Build a Bonfire, Robin Katrick of Katrick Photography, and Jenn Mapp Bressan of MappCraft | Tiny Closet, Tons of Style; the last of whom gets the credit for coming up with a name for my new endeavor: Hey Jillian. I am so fortunate to have such an amazing crew of women lifting me up and helping me out.

Why Hey Jillian? Because I want this to be a conversation. Recently a friend of mine who is also a mom of young kids said something to me that really moved me, and also gave me purpose moving forward on this project:

“I keep looking back to the notes we’ve exchanged and what stands out is you telling me to be kind to myself, which is something I forget to do in general.”

There is so much shame and guilt in the communities of women I belong to. Women feeling like they don’t deserve what I would hope would be basic courtesy from their partners. Women with guilt about their mothering or fearing that the way they care for their partners is inadequate. Women who feel they are not entitled to time to themselves or support from their loved ones. Women who believe that the things they think would make them happier are beyond their means. I want to be a voice out here saying “You are worth it! Be gentle with yourself! Ask for support! You don’t owe anyone your emotional labor! Let’s work together and get creative to make this work for us!” So, when you need to hear these things, I hope you will say “Hey Jillian….” and we can start a conversation about how to take the shame out of the mom game, and how to work together to make our lives better conversation by conversation, and project by project. As I have shared with you, I struggle too. A lot. Sometimes it’s easier to follow your own advice when you are giving it to others as well, and so Hey Jillian is here for me too.

I have been listening to your responses about what kind of content you would like to see on the new site, and I am so excited to be launching in 1.5 weeks with tons of new articles to share with you based on your requests, and I am hoping to have a couple videos too if all goes well in the next few weeks. I am so grateful for the notes of support, the engagement, and enthusiasm for what I have been doing here on Rhythm of the Days, and I can’t wait to see you over at Hey Jillian real soon.



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  1. Crissy Adinolfi

    Wow! Hey Jillian! What an amazing mission! I truly look forward to all of it.

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