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The $26 Upgrade That Transformed My Living Room

May 4, 2017

The $26 Upgrade That Transformed My Living Room

These are exciting times over here at my house. I have been working on tying up the loose ends of all my interior decorating and DIY home improvement projects, in anticipation of my upcoming photo shoot with Robin at Katrick Photography, which is in preparation for launching my totally redesigned website next month! One of the side effects of tackling my depression head on, is I finally have the confidence to be my brightest, shiniest self, and go after some long-held goals, which will be made manifest on the new site. All that being said, y’all have been asking about this particular DIY solution after seeing my posts on Instagram, and so here it is, since you asked.


Great light, but not the best view

The first thing everyone comments on about my house are the big corner windows in my living room. Since we moved in, any complement to them would be met with my sighing response “they would be even better if they didn’t look at the Subaru Dealership.” The price we pay for living in a neighborhood with lots of walkable amenities, is that we live on a mixed use block. After lots of searching on Pinterest for the perfect solution, I came upon an image of an office conference room that made a lightbulb go on for me.

Screenshot 2017-05-04 08.45.22
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I could just block the view of the dealership and the street, and not lose the green grass of my yard or the tops of the trees. It was perfect. I set about scouring Amazon for the perfect window film, and I found it. This Static Cling Film Privacy Glass Bamboo Frosted Window Film was just right to add just enough visual interest to make up for losing the texture of the curtains, but would block the icky view while still letting all the light in. (This is an affiliate link, if you click this link and buy the product I will receive a small portion of the sale.) 


Ahhh, all the morning light, none of the Subarus

Applying the window film was no small feat, I must admit. You spray your window with soapy water and apply the film, cutting the film to fit your window, and squeegeeing out all the air bubbles with a credit card or spatula. Getting the perfect bubble-less fit on all three windows took a little over an hour, but it was well worth the effort for a result that looks like a real frosted window. In the bathroom of my last house I used a privacy film meant to mimic stained glass. Now having used both products, I think the colorless, textured frosted film is much more polished and permanent looking. The colorful stained glass look is significantly cheapened by being all one texture and attempting to replicate the look of leaded glass in a plastic medium. I do think the stained glass look could be nice in small, high transom windows that wouldn’t be subject to close inspection.

Have you ever found a small thing that changed a whole room for the better? Tell me about it in the comments on Facebook!

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  1. What a great idea. So good I had to follow you. LOL

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