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Babywearing By The Zodiac

April 12, 2017

Babywearing By The Zodiac

Are you feeling overwhelmed with your babywearing options? Are you looking for your carrier soulmate? Maybe your astrological sign can point you in the right direction. (No affiliate links or anything, this is just for fun.)

Aries- Competitive and always up for an adventure, consider a frame style hiking carrier, or a soft structured carrier with a mesh panel like an Ergo Performance or Kinderpack with Cool Knit to keep you and your child comfortable as you conquer high peaks and explore new cities.

Taurus– Not a big fan of change, steady as a rock, but very passionate on the inside, consider a beautiful wrap strap meh dai that can safely cradle your babe from newborn to toddler years, accommodating any changes in your babywearing needs without ever having to change carriers.

Gemini– There is a carrier for every one of your fickle moods and the many sides of your personality. Find your local babywearing lending library and try them all! Don’t fall into the easy trap of believing every option you try is the one, that can get expensive! It’s just your Gemini enthusiasm shining through, remember you will fall in love with the next one you try too!

Cancer– Nurturing, cuddly, with a desire for intimacy, a luxurious hand woven wrap is the perfect fit for a cancerian babywearer. The cushy feel and personal connection to the weaver are perfect for you.  Check out the babywearing swap sites, and use your determined spirit to save up for your DISO (Desperately In Search Of.)

Leo– As a Leo you want to be part of a group, you’re hardworking, and you like to be sure you are right. Only the sought after and well respected Kinderpack will do for you!

Virgo– Exacting and meticulous, the simple geometric lines and huge following of the Tula, or the time tested classic Ergo Original would be just right for a Virgo babywearer.

Libra– All about beauty and relationship, an elegant ring sling is perfect for any Libra. Keep your babe close on your front, simply and beautifully held by a single perfectly gathered piece of cloth; no straps, knots, or ties will mar the loveliness of your sweet snuggles.

Scorpio– A desert animal water sign, Scorpios are all about evolution and adaptation. Consider a water carrier like this merbuckle onbumhimo, perfect on land or sea, or a mesh meh dai to take you and your little one comfortably from the desert to the water park.

Sagittarius– You have a desire for the remote, the lavish, the hard to find. A custom wrap conversion soft structured carrier or meh dai will satisfy your desire for a out of this world, one of a kind babywearing experience.

Capricorn– Ambitious, hardworking, and a lover of tradition and history, the onbuhimo, a Japanese style carrier with a consistent history of use going back over 800 years and stretching right into the present, is just the ticket for you, Capricorn. The onbuhimo isn’t perfect for everyone, but it is simple, effective, and since you are very sensitive to the needs of others, you will be happy knowing that your passenger has an excellent view over your shoulder.

Aquarius– A lover of innovation, Aquariuses would do best to try out some of the interesting hybrid carriers out there such as the buckle waist wrap carrier from XOXO, the mutable and well-loved Lillebaby with options for front, side, forward facing, and back carries, or the unique Emeibaby soft structured wrap hybrid carrier.

Pieces– A water sign that embodies both flexibility and discernment, there is a good chance you will only be happy with a woven wrap. The practicality of a simple piece of cloth holding your child, along with the skill and elegance of the art of wrapping suits you perfectly.

I hope my guide is helpful to you, I have only included carriers I have some experience with, but the world of babywearing is vast, go exploring!

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