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Waiting for Spring in a Blizzard: How I’m Reminding Myself Warmer Days are Ahead

March 14, 2017

Waiting for Spring in a Blizzard: How I’m Reminding Myself Warmer Days are Ahead

The peak of cold and flu season just knocked out my family for the last ten days. I am still in recovery mode, my voice sounds like the squeaky voiced teen from The Simpsons. Today we are having a blizzard, but in seven days it will be the spring equinox, which means despite the snow, every fiber of my being is anticipating warmer days. In Vermont spring comes out of nowhere; one day we are having a blizzard, the next it’s 70°F and it’s time for mud boots and dresses, farmer’s markets and flowering bulbs.  It can be hard to keep hope alive at the end of a long winter, here’s how I’ve been preparing for spring:

  1. Screenshot 2017-03-14 11.47.51I treated myself to new rubber boots. This isn’t anything profound, but they sure do say spring to me. I have big winter boots, but I was lacking waterproof footwear that I can slip easily off and on as I come in and out from the soggy yard.
  2. I started planning the shuffling of rooms we intend to do this spring, moving my son from his large queen sized floor bed, to a smaller room with a toddler sized floor bed. My husband and I are going to move into the room that the little guy is in now, and turn our current bedroom into an office/guest room/garden room, since it has big sliding doors that are our only access to the yard from inside the house. Even though this will be a switch to a smaller space and a smaller room for my son, I am trying to plan more of a “big kid” room for him. We’re hoping to make the move in June when he’s 18 months. This is the second time we’ve switched rooms around since we moved here last summer, but when you’re in a new house it can take a while to figure out where it’s best to put everyone.
  3. I started my tomato seeds, hoping that we are about 6-8 weeks out from the last frost here. We have such a short growing season there’s no hope for growing tomatoes from seed here unless you start while there’s still snow on the ground. In another month I will start the rest of my seeds.
  4. Most exciting of all, our baby chicks arrived! They are two weeks old now, we got them four days ago. We have two Speckled Sussex, and two Silver Laced Wyandottes. My aunt and uncle who have a farm in southern Vermont were getting a new flock, and we were able to hop on their order. We won’t get any eggs from them until maybe early fall, but by getting them as chicks and hand raising them, they should be much more friendly both to us and each other. Whenever the next warm weekend comes, my dad and I will be converting half our existing garden shed into a coop for them to move into in a little over a month.

I actually have both the chicks and the starting seeds in my bedroom. There aren’t many places that stay warm enough for them where they won’t be disturbed by an inquisitive toddler. I have to say, it’s not too shabby to wake up to little peeps and cheeps in the morning.

If you’re in a cold climate, what are you doing to stay sane and remember spring is on the way?

  1. Hot coffee and piles of books! That's how I stay sane. :) Loved reading this and those boots are super cute! :) Amy

  2. Seed starting, lots of reading and tweaking the garden planting plan as I get new ideas! Snow here in Indiana yesterday but sunny today yet not above freezing at nite till the weekend, they say. Then, I'm planting regardless!!!!!

  3. Bob

    It sounds like I better prepare for Spring by studying up on chicken coop construction ;-)

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