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Present Imperfect: Real Life House Tour

February 9, 2017

Present Imperfect: Real Life House Tour

present imperfect (uncountable): A grammatical tense which presents the action in the present as continuous, not yet over

When we were selling our last house, I read a lot about staging your home for photos, because we had already fallen in love with our current house. We needed the old one to sell quick, and I was willing to do what I needed to in order for that to happen. As I read the tips and tricks, I suddenly realized how people made their homes look blogworthy in all the house tours I love to drool over on sites like Apartment Therapy. They were indeed tricks, unless it was the home of a minimalist retired couple or single person, they were not ideas that applied to actually living in a house. When the photographer from the real estate agency arrived to shoot our house, she asked “do you live like this?!” and I could only laugh. The photos were beautiful, and our house sold very quickly, but living in a way that kept up that kind of look was definitely not fun, and would be totally unattainable for more than the few days it took to show and sell our house, especially now that the tiny guy is mobile.

In the spirit of truth and solidarity, here is my totally un-staged, one random morning in February, no hiding piles of stuff out of the shot house tour. I love my house, and if you don’t love your house as is on a daily basis, I don’t think there is much value in those blogworthy tabletop vignettes and perfectly staged white couches. My couch was free, and it has a king sized fitted sheet pulled over it because my toddler is constantly spilling things and it’s really easy to swap out and clean. Blogworthy? No. A good place to read a book and watch the snow? Yes. I would love if you would share your own present imperfect house tour photos on Instagram- just tag me, @tinychampionvt and use the hashtag #presentimperfecthousetour 16667677_10155810945827782_329378157_o16593558_10155810984107782_1106702367_o16709468_10155810984162782_1101645457_o16709446_10155810945947782_1725114144_o16667679_10155810945792782_1706041437_o16667707_10155810945927782_627420385_o16650930_10155810984282782_1252261702_o16667530_10155810945777782_635630132_o16650844_10155810946062782_811635461_o16667832_10155810946012782_1839909580_o16710634_10155810945867782_1515287754_o16709641_10155810945812782_1811183955_o16667765_10155810984412782_1010756170_o


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