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Unabashed and Unpaid Plug for Katrick Photography

January 15, 2017

Unabashed and Unpaid Plug for Katrick Photography

If you’re ever looking at this blog and think “wow, what a gorgeous photo of her family!” 575886_10151273348132782_831520506_n-2you are probably looking at the work of Robin Katrick, of Katrick Photography. I met Robin in 2011 while she was photographing a band I was in. I can only describe Robin’s style as a photographer as “rock and roll ninja.” You will almost never notice her working, but all of her work conveys a sense of energy and movement that is so often lost in still photographs. Robin has now photographed our engagement, wedding, maternity shoot, baby shower, family photos, and my husband’s current band. Her style is not that of the typical family photographer, but if she’s right for you she’ll be your one and only. Here’s some of my favorites Robin has taken of our family over the years.

475085_492514837469561_1114191856_o464948_492515714136140_50558769_o1069817_10101801909381020_411059133_n1800390_10101801910793190_1009992722_n1509919_10101801915678400_1432192521_n-112094729_888238691230505_2768994327538071218_o12733627_954016184652755_829395141495132775_n14102835_1063650847022621_7088399414804332245_o14290044_10155250280587782_876271182145789622_oSo go give her a like on Facebook, and if you’re hoping to look exceptionally badass in your next set of professional photos, give Robin a call.

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