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Caramelize a Bunch of Onions

January 7, 2017

Caramelize a Bunch of Onions

Just do it. It takes so much longer than any recipe admits, so just do a bunch at once and have them ready. I sliced four large Vidalia onions in my food processor, dumped them in my largest frying pan with a little olive oil on medium-low heat, and stirred them every 10 minutes for two hours. That is correct, two hours. Now I have a quart jar full of caramelized onions in my fridge, and all my food is more delicious.
I have found that if we eat too many budget meals that taste like budget meals, we breakdown and deviate from the meal plan and get take out because we are miserable and bored with our austerity. Keeping caramelized onions, small portions of bacon (about 2 tbls uncooked), sundried tomatoes, frozen mixed berries, and blue cheese in the fridge is a surefire way for us to stay on track by making our budget meals taste fancy. Everyone’s family will have different high value must-haves, but it’s worth figuring out what they are, and maintaining a good stock of them to dress up that third lentil recipe of the week. What are the foods that keep your family happy with your homecooked meals?

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